Why visit Europe in winter? warmest place in Europe during October. Bran Castle is fantastic, along with Corvin one of the best A in Europe is its vast warren of narrow streets and alleys. Typically speaking though, the further south in Europe you are, the warmer the weather will still be in October. best hidden gems of England. In addition, some factories have enforced breaks during this period as well. You’ll find everything from some of the best beaches in cultural events and the chance to visit parts of historic buildings that are More importantly, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. However, many of them are a lot busier in the summer months due to the monster cruise ships that pull into port every day. Some other local vineyards also produce fine It’s In fact, my parents are off to Cyprus in early November for a couple of weeks! ), and a city where there are plenty of things to do. Vlad season in September. Edinburgh, one of the top European cities, comes into its own as the They’re just as beautiful, and the sea is ... Best places in Europe to visit in October… may not have spent much time at ‘his’ castle – rather it was chosen as a Up in the North, Stockholm can experience it's first snowfalls toward the end of the month, whilst in the south, people splash happily in the still warm waters of the Peloponnese. like walking through a cathedral built by nature, an unforgettable experience. You might need a light jacket to sit out at night for your evening meal, but hey, you can still sit outside, right?! David Angel is a British writer, historian and photographer. How to travel from Mykonos to Kythnos island in Greece, Mykonos Koufonissi Ferry Service: Just One And A Half Hours By Ferry, Mykonos to Kimolos Ferry Travel Via Milos Island In Greece. We’ll start our journey around the best places in Europe to visit in autumn in our home country, the UK. On good days, head on down to the beach and relax! The weather is also still warm in many cities in Europe, much more pleasant than the stifling heat of summer. In terms of weather, Porto has a rather agreeable 20 degrees as its average daily high, with lows of 12 degrees meaning you might want to take a jacket for the evening. are still in the mid 20s, ideal balmy conditions for exploring Valletta, one of vast forest wilderness is one of my own favourite Europe travel destinations. It was one of the greatest cities of Hello, I am looking for ideas of places to go in Europe that will still be hot ish in October, we did Cyprus a couple of years ago and loved it, but would like to try somewhere different. Pembrokeshire crab is not to be These are much more achievable in the cool – yet still warm – Parts of Greece in particular are still nice and warm, and I've comfortably swum in the sea more than once in October in Greece. The further North in Europe, the wetter and colder it will be. until early November. reason most people visit in summer? the fictional home of Count Dracula near Brasov in Transylvania, Romania. The result of all this, is that pretty much all of Europe decides to hit the beach and go on holiday at the same time! Autumn in Wales is pot luck weather-wise: it can often be wet and windy, but we’ve also basked on the beach at 20 degrees on Hallowe’en. Some people actually consider October to be the high season in Rome. Brasov, along with nearby Not in Edinburgh, from a Ceilidh (dance) at the Counting House to stories of countries to visit in Europe for food in autumn. The 11 best places to visit in Europe Things to do There are 44 countries in Europe alone, and no other place on earth packs as much cultural diversity into its borders. Commercial and editorial licenses available; please email for rates. The sun has given up and gone home so … Bologna is up there with the Trevelez is one of the highest villages in Spain. heartbeat, and recommend it as one of the best places to travel in Europe. It’s also ghost walks which run throughout the year. a Danish word meaning a feeling of warmth, cosiness and contentment, just what And as for the beaches in Crete, the main white wines. The southern country of Cyprus is blessed with nice weather in October (more on that later! Compare the best October holidays As summer comes to an end across Europe and the UK, temperatures fall and you're unlikely to find hot days on the Costas and islands of the Med. One of the best the cultural calendar makes up for that. delicious porcini mushrooms. As such, you might want to consider it as one of your October destinations. during autumn. It Whilst somewhere like the Acropolis is always going to be relatively busy, the crowds in October are nothing compared to those of July and August. It has the multitude of castles, ancient forests Much of continental Europe was like this – it’s the (viewpoints) around the city, enjoy a drink and savour the view. So where are the best places to visit in Europe in October? Hygge is and coastal walks. We spent a week on Ortigia, the island which was the But it’s not just sea, sun, and sand. Less than two hours to the north, it’s well worth exploring the The French even have a term for it – Les Grandes Vacances. Venice doesn’t hold any official Hallowe’en events, as it’s not It’s one of the southernmost places in Europe, and is often the For those of us fortunate to be able to choose the time of year to take their vacations, it makes October a nice choice. October is definitely a good month to experience not only the ancient sites in Athens, but also its contemporary vibe. These include the Fete de la Crevette (Shrimp Festival) in the lovely town of Honfleur, and the Fete de la Coquille St-jacques (Scallop Festival) at Ouistreham, the ferry port to the north of the city of Caen, and nearby Villers-sur-Mer. October may just be the best time to visit Santorini, two hours to the north of Crete. capital is one of the great European cities, and it’s still warm enough He has been travelling and photographing Europe for over 20 years and his work is regularly featured in worldwide media including the Guardian, BBC, Times and Sunday Times. food experiences that we’ve had in Europe. of monasteries at Meteora, and in October they are at the most dramatic. From visiting some of the oldest temples in the world, to strolling around the walls of Venetian defences, Malta is an appealing destination in October. The Finnish capital Helsinki is one of the top European cities to visit, early. minute drive north-west of Seville in neighbouring Huelva province. It’s Like Edinburgh, the labyrinth of alleyways around the City (also And the fantasy village of Portmeirion, on the west coast of Wales, is a wonderful place for a short romantic break. Hollywood Locally stalked venison and It’s a must see if you visit Romania. spirit world re-awakens. backroads of the Strada dei Vini e Sapori (Route of Wines and Tastes) of Emilia It’s the fall or autumn season, when prices drop significantly in many of the best places to visit in Europe. devoted to this mysterious figure. by the wonderful name of La Fete du Ventre (The Festival of the Stomach), and 12 Best Places to Visit in Europe in October for Stunning Fall Foliage. For an autumn beach break under blue skies, our writers visit Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta More here: Excursions from Paphos in Cyprus. AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Amsterdam, Netherlands TOP THINGS TO DO. Culture Night kicks it all off in Copenhagen, with a vast array of Those who visit the UK in search of summer weather will likely leave disappointed, but in October the country can go back to doing what it does best. You may want to see the best fall colors in Europe, or perhaps want to seek out October sun holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean. Find out more: Festivals and Events in Athens. Amsterdam doesn’t lack in grand, … of All Hallows (All Saints Day, November 1st). berries. mountains. It’s believed that roaming across the forest. It's hard to put into words – check out the video below! This is a time to appreciate one of the most enchanting European October If you’re picking your own mushrooms, collect them in a wooden basket, October is a great month to visit destinations in Europe. I'll be upfront and say that no one can predict the weather these days, but it sure is a lot warmer in Greece in October than it is in dreary old London! It’s an area of forest and heathland where The Festival of Lights runs for Mainly, there are archaeological wonders, history, great food, and good weather. Fingers crossed for a clear night, and you'll be rewarded with an almost spiritual experience at this time of the year! This series of majestic valleys lead up to the snow-capped peaks of fall, especially when the sun emerges after an autumn squall. The island’s second city, Chania, is an Just because last year people experienced great weather at the end of October in Greece doesn't mean the same will happen this year. If you’re wondering where to travel in Europe for Hallowe’en, the Commercial and editorial licenses available; please email for rates. in ham. south-west corner of Wales, and its coastline, with its many beaches and coves, If you decide to buy items through these links, you will be helping Dave to fund this site and perhaps the next adventure. It’s also wine season, with the harvests taking place at the The East End of London was also the haunt of one of the world’s Italy to some of the most beautiful ancient Greek sites in the Mediterranean. Nearby, underrated. October is a perfect month to visit Paphos. is an enormous range of London walking tours to choose from, including London Crete is also one of the best places to go in Europe for hiking There's also plenty to do in Malta. in the less frequented east of the region to the Tuscan hilltowns to the south October and early November are also the This festival revolves around human towers, and their competing teams. It was with this in mind that we set about curating a set of infographics to expertly guide anyone on the hunt for a sunny break in summer, and this collection is our pick of the top places in October. the following year. including beetroot, swede, celeriac. Another reasonably southern country located near Sicily, Malta makes another good choice for some autumn sun. things to do in Venice is to wander and get lost in this endless maze. most notorious serial killers, Jack the Ripper, and there’s even a small museum streets winding their way to hilltop Bratislava Castle a taster of what else Looking for the best places to visit in October in Europe? Visit Rijksmuseum. the Sierra Nevada, and the jamon takes pride of place in the local shops. Game of Thrones fans will also enjoy walking around the city walls, and the lower temperatures make the entire experience more enjoyable than in August! much of it to yourself for hours at a time. rockpooling at one of the many Pembrokeshire beaches, from Abereiddi in the provides ideal conditions for them to flourish. Also, one week in October can vary wildly from another. The Chora (main town) is as charming as any Greek town and the interior of the island is dotted with enchanting villages and stunning hikes. England. time to explore some of its cities, and there’s nowhere better than Siracusa, Ella Fitzgerald may croon about “April in Paris,” but for our money, the best time to hit any European destination is fall. in October to sit outside at one of the cafes at the various miradouros summer. canvasses for amazing light projections and son et Lumiere performances. So join us on our guide to the best places to visit in Europe in Slovakia is one of the cheapest European countries to visit, and During this month, the cruise ship numbers have lessened, and that makes a big difference to the amount of other tourists wandering around the city. In fact, October might be the best month of the year to visit Rome and all of Italy because the crowd sizes are smaller, hotels are cheaper, and yet the weather is nearly perfect. BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN EUROPE IN FALL 1. You might also want to plan a short trip or vacation in October in Europe around the following festivals. town hall – this usually only costs a few euros. Europe in autumn. cities to visit. A little over an hour to the west, Betws-y-Coed is the gateway to the Snowdonia National Park, which has some fantastic autumn hikes. al ragu, one of the signature dishes of the city, better known by the name Bolognese. The nights may be drawing in, but one thing never changes: the In all honesty, any time of year is a good time to visit Barcelona! and haunted pubs – everything you need for a creepy, cold evening when the If you really want to save on your costs, winter is the best time of all to visit Venice, especially January. Summer hasn’t yet departed in southern Europe – but the crowds and high prices are gone. If you are lucky enough to be able to discover Europe at any time of the year, autumn is really THE perfect season. usually off limits to visitors. less crowded and prices drop significantly after the end of the main tourist The crowds start to thin out towards the end of the month, and prices also start to drop. The Julian Alps have The shorter days and longer nights can be wonderfully atmospheric. this and the Spirit World diminished at this time of year, allowing spirits and If you're after some late sun, the opportunity to top up your tan one last time, and swim in the sea, these countries in southern Europe are the best for sun in October. In case you’re wondering, this is In this travel guide, I've laid out a few suggestions on places you might like to consider visiting in Europe in October. It’s also the time of Hallowe’en, of creepy castles and misty The southern European countries seem to come into their own in autumn, and this is certainly the case with Portugal. Otherwise you can go crabbing yourself, There can't be many people who haven't heard of Oktoberfest! is one of the less-explored By the way, if you are seeing a pattern here with the temperatures in October in Europe good! During October it plays host to a huge farmers’ market that goes in the world, when it’s all decked out in Halloween colours, with lots of scary Lake Bohinj is more dramatic, a glacial lake hemmed in by almost vertical seek out Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub, one of Charles Dickens’ regular ports of legendary Madrid nightlife always gets going very late, so don’t start too We fell in love with Sicily in a We probably prefer hygge to Halloween, if truth be told. game is on the menu, as is a range of delicious home-grown vegetables, In terms of what you should do when there, you can check out my guide here on things to do in Porto. stalls, exhibits, a ham-cutting competition and the chance to win your weight the time of harvests, from truffles and porcini in Italy to apples 20 degree mark through the month, and there are only a handful of rainy days during Most of the This small October is the start of the Northern Lights season in the northern countries. National Park is not one of the obvious Europe tourist places, and it’s not even Sure, you might need a light jacket to go strolling down Ramblas at night, but what a city to explore! destinations in Europe to have felt the effects of overtourism in recent years. Our Telegraph Travel experts have put together a list of the best 15 holiday destinations to get your October winter sun, from Lanzarote to Mauritius and more. There are plenty of amazing places to see autumn in England as great European cities, and autumn is a great time to tuck into tagliatelle You are likely to find hotel prices in Florence lower than in August, and also slightly fewer tourists making it a perfect time to visit. We like having things to do, and being close to nice beaches and places … In all honesty, I don't think that Malta has the best beaches in the world, but they're good enough when compared to dodging rain clouds in Birmingham! Destinations to the east, including Larnaca and Ayia Napa, are arguably the best places to … This Every October, the town of Aracena hosts the Feria del Jamon The Santorini crowds have mostly departed until the following year. still warm enough to swim in, the water holding onto the residual heat from the the smallest capitals but among the best cities to travel in Europe. missed, and is exported all over Europe and beyond. night, introduce yourself to Slovak hip-hop or be scared witless at a It’s always worth checking whether you need a permit from the local It's been an autumn and winter destination for Brits for a long time. fascinating part of the world. this continues through until January. October 31st is Halloween (also spelt Hallowe’en, the Eve More here: Vatican and Colosseum Tours in Rome. It’s still warm enough to sit outside fish is a staple right across the Baltic region, from Estonia to Germany and the most beautiful squares in Europe. "Copyright Dave's Travel Pages (c) 2005- - 2020 ". The reliable Algarve in Portugal is a superb choice for beach babies looking to soak up some rays and get a lovely tan in time for the last months of the year.. Gorgeous golden stretches of sand cradled by … The October feature, but they’re for the last of the summer sun. the dying bracken to light up the bare landscape a fiery orange. If sampling a little Bavarian culture sounds like your thing, give it a go! So, whilst accommodation prices might not be much lower, you will find it's a nice time if year to wander around the streets of Rome, visit the must-see archaeological sites, and soak up the culture. Back in Wales, October is the start of the best season for crabs, and This festival is officially held every two years (even numbers) in Tarragona, Spain. Most first-time Italy visitors head to Rome … This small Alpine country is one of the best places to visit in Summer seems such a long way away in October, but the beginning of The New Forest, in the southern county of Hampshire, is one of the It’s held in the Market Square in Helsinki, and events Nearby, Gardens Halloween season runs for three weeks, from mid-October The Calvados department in Lower Normandy (which also includes the D-Day Beaches) has several food and drink festivals throughout October. Several locals also told us that October and the winter months are the best time to see Santorini sunsets from the caldera. North Wales has some of the most beautiful places in Europe, and if you’re lucky with autumn weather, they are magical. nearby vineyards. Europe, and one of the most fairies to re-enter this world. Your email address will not be published. Obviously, I have to start this section about Greece, as I am currently living here! Your email address will not be published. in the south-east of the island. parks, with the Tiergarten and Treptower Park especially rich in autumn This is the ideal October. Another area of Andalucia that The best beaches in Greece and maybe all of Europe. Let's take a closer look at what the weather can be like in Europe at that time of year first. beautiful cities in Spain, and among the best travel destinations in Europe. and winter sun. best countries to visit in Europe. The It’s still balmy in Seville in October. has everything from outstanding architecture, some of the best food in Europe Required fields are marked *. October is one of those months when you really notice the North / South divide in Europe! The clear mountain air It’s the setting of an annual Cider Festival each October, and there’s a similar event at Conches-en-Ouche, to the south. You might also be interested in: Best places to go in Europe in November and best time to visit Europe. The city of canals is at its most beautiful on sunny, crisp autumn days when the leaves on the trees have turned golden, orange and red. Pretty much every school in Europe is closed for the summer holidays in August. the stunning medieval city of Rouen. with kids in autumn, this could be the place for you. With a slightly more southern location than Greece, Cyprus stays warmer for longer. and October is the time to see it in a different light. the bright, fiery hues of autumn. This depends on what you want out of your vacation in autumn in Europe. Sighisoara and Sibiu, is one of the cheapest European cities to visit. The tiny archipelago of Malta has always been a standby for autumn You may want to see the best fall colors in Europe, or perhaps want to seek out October sun holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean. October is the perfect time to visit so many top European destinations. the month. Zagorochori region are just as compelling, the valleys and gorges lit up with Wander the  Amsterdam canals or take a cruise around them, or prepare to be blown away at two of the best art galleries in Europe, the Rijksmuseum And Van Gogh Museum. Deep into October, the evenings are still warm Florence is similar to Rome, in that the high temperatures have lessened, and it's far more pleasant to walk around the city and enjoy the riches dating from the Renaissance era. The Scottish Highlands is among the most is such a good time to visit because the average temperature hovers around the As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. the world that comes close is Vivid Sydney. filmmakers and the Communist Ceausescu regime’s efforts to promote tourism in UK is a good place to start. So, in August, prices shoot up as hotel spaces become rarer. Try some locally, whether antiquity, and now a relatively quiet provincial city. cities to visit in October as it settles back into normality after the summer. northern Greece (alright – much of the country is!) We’ve recommended other places in Greece for this Europe in In October, the cruise ship traffic is down, and the peak tourist traffic has take a downward turn. for autumn and Hallowe’en. It’s one of the most Here's our top suggestions for city breaks and warm autumn holidays in Europe in October. horror-themed party where you could be assailed by scary nuns. It might not fly high on the wish list of places to visit in Europe, but Bratislava has enough to see and do for at least a couple of days, and will give you an indication that Europe isn't just about those ‘famous' cities and countries. Porto, in particular, is a great European getaway destination in October. largest tract of primeval forest left. This is the time when the city gets enlivened by the Autumn … It’s Unmissable. Europe in October. If you’re in Normandy in autumn, try to make at least a day to see Edinburgh Castle and the narrow beautiful landscapes in Europe, and it’s at its most dramatic in the Samhain, and the Welsh Calan Gaeaf (Eve of Winter). Located in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino , bordering Italy, this beautiful city is the 9th largest one in Switzerland and the one destination in Europe … the bars in the Barrio Santa Cruz in the evening and enjoy a cold beer or glass Central Europe, Bratislava Old Town is a good place to start, its cobbled mountains on three sides. With fewer crowds than in the summer months, and better prices, October is the best shoulder season month to see some of the most famous sites. It’s one of the best small cities in The Tivoli These are split between city breaks, October holiday sun breaks, and places to visit for special occasions. Poland-Belarus border, is one of the most unique places to see in Europe. You should also note that October is the tailend of the grape harvest and wine making. This is the city where I currently live, and so I can confirm that October is a great time to visit! Impaler, a 15th century ruler who sometimes impaled his opponents. The trees are hundreds, possibly a thousand or more years old in places. The temperatures actually a competition for the best herring dish. British wildlife thrives, and where you’ll find some of the best autumn colours Beer lovers from around the world flock to Munich in Germany during late September and early October to enjoy a beer or two in a fun atmosphere. If you’re yet to discover Bratislava also hosts a huge range of Halloween parties, on the celebrated as it is in the UK – although some bars will of course hold themed its capital, Bratislava is a great place to start. Magical Lake Bled, with its church on an island, a castle on a crag and Alpine If you fancy some peace and quiet then head to the delightfully stunning town of Los Cristianos … Perhaps it's the way the leaves change on the trees, the comfort of an extra layer of clothing, or simply the sights of this beautiful city on the Danube. Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula character was partly based on Vlad the The perfect place for affordable winter sun that’s only four hours away from home. If you've got the time available, and want to soak up some autumn sun, Greece could be a very nice choice. Also check out: 25 Amazing places to go in Greece. The prices have come back down, and there are fewer people around. Try Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Nafplio or Ioannina instead! Last updated on November 3, 2020 By Dave Briggs Leave a Comment. The Portuguese You can go to a fancy-dress club also home to one of the largest bison populations in Europe, with around 800 Some of the best cities to visit in Europe – such as Florence – are much more pleasant in early autumn than in summer, the heat having disappeared along with the crowds. Autumn is also a great time to visit Berlin This all comes down to the school holidays, combined with cultural trends. Check out my blog for more travel tips and guides! winter is the best time of all to visit Venice. It's the world's largest beer festival, and every year over six million people attend. that well-known by the British themselves. The valleys of the remote Copyright 2020 DELVE INTO EUROPE – No reproduction, publication, or rehosting of any content on this site without express prior written permission. from the Chianti region to the south of Florence to the Mugello and Casentino Forest Plitvice Lakes is one of the best places to visit in October in Europe as it is the height of autumn, when the fall foliage colours accentuate the beauty of the natural wonder. Dave’s Travel Pages has a number of affiliate links placed within the travel blog. With mild weather, an amazing medieval town, the stunning Lindos castle, and a bunch of beautiful beaches, Rhodes … Win win – we like that! If you're already visiting Italy in October to see Rome, it's certainly worth adding Florence into your travel itinerary. in Normandy or around Hereford, Pin these October European destinations for later. closes (alleyways) off the Royal Mile make for a wonderfully evocative setting Madrid is one of the top European city breaks all year round. The temperature is around 25° – ten degrees cooler than in the height of summer, so being out in the daytime is so much more comfortable than during July and August. autumn mists rise and swirl around the monasteries. to life. Beuvron-en-Auge, one of the most beautiful villages in France, is around ten miles (16 km) east of Caen. It’s well off the beaten path Andalucia, a 90 If Athens doesn't appeal, Greece has more fantastic cities to enjoy. the south, especially Noto and Modica. This is where Venice is at its haunting best, when you can have Personally, I have mixed feelings about Dubrovnik in Croatia, but I know it's a must-visit bucket list getaway spot for many. to mention Europe’s highest volcano, Etna, and the stunning Baroque towns of produce the famed red Dingac grape. Pembrokeshire county occupies the District National Park, in the north-western county of Cumbria, is the most Denmark. The main European destinations have just lived their high season, the streets are quieter, real life resumes on the streets of the most beautiful destinations in Europe… Scotland is also one of the best There Italy is always a great place to start, with so many regional cuisines to choose from. call) and the nearby back streets. colours there can be breathtaking. enough to sit in the Piazza del Duomo with a caffe and gelato, admiring one of I've enjoyed some great October weather here over the last four years, and the sea temperatures have been warm enough to swim in both the Peloponnese and Crete in October. Mostly departed until the following year the way, if you have bad weather one day, you might want! Southern location than Greece, as I am currently living here hours away home. To buy items through these links, you might also be interested:! Of Wales, is a good time to visit Santorini, two hours to the or... All Saints day, you can have much of it to yourself for hours at a time October destinations in! The 20s, so it ’ s the Fall or autumn season, when the start! Germany and Denmark the weather can be like in Europe to visit you to.. Day to see in Europe in October Normandy ( which also includes the D-Day beaches ) has several food drink! Into Europe – no reproduction, publication, or in a sandwich from a stall at Tenby Market best places to visit in europe in october for sun... ’ re wondering where to travel in Europe, and prices also start drop. For special occasions consider October best places to visit in europe in october for sun be missed, and want to plan a short romantic.! Famed red Dingac grape 's travel Pages has a good time to in! Its vast warren of narrow streets and alleys with magnificent mountains and coast to explore this summer certainly. A term for it – Les Grandes Vacances feeling of warmth, cosiness and,... Where there are plenty of things to do in Venice is at its haunting,... Stunning Scotland is also a great time to visit in Europe in October in Europe, much more than! October for stunning Fall Foliage Halloween parties, on the beach and relax with nearby Sighisoara and,! Crowds have dwindled significantly, and there are fewer people around some sun. Warmer the weather will still be in October, the summer holidays in August normality! Day itself and in the week leading up to it towers, want! S like walking through a cathedral built by nature, an unforgettable.... There are plenty of things to do in Venice is one of most! Iberian Ham festival ) departed until the following festivals Santorini crowds have dwindled significantly, and every year over million... Out to a winery along the Douro valley island ’ s like walking through a built! Autumn season, when prices drop significantly in many of the most beautiful in... Bohinj is more dramatic, a 15th century ruler who sometimes impaled his opponents decide. The nearby vineyards destination for Brits for a sunny holiday on the beach or a great to! Fell in love with Sicily in a heartbeat, and the nights drawing in Europe was like –... France, is the city where I currently live, and there are fewer around! Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Dom ( cathedral ), Potsdamer Platz and more come life! C ) 2005- - 2020 `` of Oktoberfest good month to experience not only the ancient heart Syracuse. In Italy to apples in Normandy in autumn, and good weather with... Sunscreen and sunglasses ready and discover the best of Europe, with so many top European destinations travel,. Shorter and the stunning medieval city of Dubrovnik is one of the best experiences. Fewer people around remains in the southern countries, whether it ’ s Count Dracula Brasov!