That’s a good thing. Maybe we’re spoiled by the beaches on the West Coast? Loved this blog! Who knows better than…ME? It’s important to note that St. Augustine is very touristy. Under ideal weather we could have jumped on the gulfstream and sailed all the way to the Carolinas and made it home in under three days to Carolina Beach, NC. We look at each other. How far is it from Charleston to St. Augustine? We joined our friends Toni and David for a tour of the St. Augustine Distillery, which recently set up shop in the city’s old ice house. ( Log Out /  And it’s got soul. “I think we need to move. (We actually wanted to visit the well-preserved Drayton Hall but balked at the price.). Great post. So much that humans produce these days should remain unproduced. (Use either Highway 17 or I-95, as you see fit.) The weather is threatening us this morning. We set our sights on Sunday as a new departure date when the skies and seas are to be a lot friendlier. We are in a better location to move and there are three of us to their two, but this is no answer to the man’s question, is it? We shoot the shit, catching up on our lives. Tuesday 05 DEC 2017 – Charleston Harbor, SC. We couldn’t try every place, of course, but we did visit: While afternoons and evenings were devoted to food and drink, our mornings were spent visiting sites outside the city. While in the South, we want to do our best to learn about the region. Previous post: Searching the Southeast for a Temporary Home, Next post: Exploring the Sunshine State: Fifteen Days, Five Cities, and 1900 Miles through Florida. Just kidding, I would, but don’t. It’s now blowing hard so Glenn has to be careful to move the boat as soon as the anchor is free. And so goes the rest of our daydrift: we wander into a bar covered in dollar bills; we stroll by the Battery underneath a pageant of ancient oak trees; we run into some Mormon boys on their mission, well, ok, I follow some Mormon boys on their mission until I feel like they suspect me; we stop at the public library for a work skype session for me; and we devour some fine, foodie tacos at a place on East Bay Street, among all the other foodie restaurants. According to Wikipedia, the Greeks were the first to pump water through lead pipes into communal shower rooms where commoners and elites, together, washed themselves. Ruins of Dungeness, small museum 17 miles of pristine beach. Our 35ft pedal-powered pontoon boat is certified to transport up to 26 passengers and includes 12 cycle stations to keep the party moving, grooving, and cruising in the old town in St. Augustine. $3,000. More details. You can also find some cool day trips or get away for a weekend. Yesterday we moved the boat to anchor just off of Patriot Point in the Cooper River. Then, we head into town. You can participate in the parade by simply registering, decorating your boat from stem to stern with lights, and joining us on the water. What sets it apart, however, is that most of the historic buildings survived General Sherman’s march to the sea during the Civil War. Hotels and accommodations also! We have performed this set of operations many times now, but this time they are particularly rapid and smooth. A unique view of St Augustine available only from the water. St. Augustine, FL to Charleston, SC:2007 Mar 30 2007. We left Miami on the 14th of February to head home ( read about the first leg from Miami ). Our joy at these tasty morsels explodes into a ripple of stories for Ava about the small family bars in Barcelona, a city that both Glenn and I have visited though not together, and the tradition of eating the specialty tapa of each little place. “After all, Jesus would have been a democratic socialist if he had lived in our lifetime,” he says with a chuckle. I do like the nails, but I love, love, love the eye lashes. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 8h 13m. St Augustine is located in Charleston County of South Carolina state. As with many cities, it’s the downtowns in these old settlements that hold the most charm. Glenn pokes his birthday head out through the companionway surveying the situation in order to prove to Ava that he has been careful. It was still a tight fit. st augustine, FL (ust) statesboro, GA (tbr) tallahassee (tal) tri-cities, TN (tri) valdosta, GA (vld) wilmington, NC (wnc) ... 1989 Arriva Boat with trailer $3,500 (Charleston) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. There’s a lot of history to explore in this town. The final city on our tour is also the smallest. Plus, the place was amazing. Saturday 10 DEC 2017 – Charleston Harbor, SC. This set of writings documents our sabbatical journey on board our sailboat Netzah. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. I heard correctly!! United States - Charleston, Savannah, St. Augustine trip needs help. The weather forecast is predicting a dramatic drop in temperature to almost freezing. There were not many options, but this one south of the Charleston Harbor Marina across the river from the city itself, seems good. Buy and sell locally. We walk, sated and pleased, a long length of King Street, while thanking Glenn for being born. Jaw dropper. Buy and sell locally. Charleston to St. Augustine PART I Monday 04 DEC 2017 – Charleston Harbor, SC Yesterday we moved the boat to anchor just off of Patriot Point in the Cooper River. paused our cross-country roadtrip to winter in Savannah, Searching the Southeast for a Temporary Home, Exploring the Sunshine State: Fifteen Days, Five Cities, and 1900 Miles through Florida. 27 May 2016 - Despite a washed-out bridge and three detours, Kim and I made it through the torrential rain to reach Houston. The rooms (and the entire house) are gorgeous, and nearly everything we wanted to see was within walking distance. Don’t get me wrong. Don't forget about exploring your own hometown with a staycation. This is one of them. To the visitor it would seem that the rain outside is leaking through, but actually the boat is sealed up tightly. “We have to move the boat now!” he abruptly comes back down and says in a loud and alarmed voice. I want to write about the fights because they’re part of the trip and because it’s a good writing challenge, but I also wonder if I’m being fair to Glenn in my perspective and I fear breaching his privacy. ), “There’s no bad weather only bad clothing.” Yikes. In my answer to my friend I fumbled, like I always do, when I haven’t spent enough time on my thoughts on something. For the rest of the time in the café I text with a friend/colleague back home. Come aboard one of our 90-minute BYOB cycleboat cruises in the historic St. Augustine bayfront, while sipping and cycling your way to freedom. Oh. Once we are in the new location, the two of us switch positions and I steer while he lowers the anchor. I think our favorite, though, is the Tybee Island Fish Camp, a tiny place (six tables and a bar!) Tybee offers sandy beaches and a funky vibe. Locals love it just as much as visitors. “Yea,” I agree and add, “I wonder if they’ll really give us a bottle of wine.”. St. Augustine was founded by the Spanish in 1565. We get dropped off downtown somewhere. Natives find it frustrating, so they don’t venture into the city center except for work, food, and beer. Indeed, the situation seems to have worsened: the rain is stronger and the boats feel even closer together. See the city by trolley. favorite this post Dec 16 2008 12’11” Smokercraft Alaskan Deluxe Model 13 DLX Aluminum Boat We completed the Florida-Charleston Loop on Thursday, March 10 th. New here? (St. Augustine, especially, feels like one giant tourist trap. We don’t order much – popcorn, beer, and some pretzels, but still if feels luxurious. Find all the transport options for your trip from St. Augustine to Charleston right here. That’s odd, I think, I never get likes. At one point though she asks me a set of questions that later I see as somewhat pointed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Glenn and I are inclined to think it’s their boat. Plus, the slower pace allowed our group to ask about the things that interested us most. ... charleston, SC (chs) columbia, SC (cae) columbus, GA (csg) daytona beach (dab) ... (St Augustine) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I’m tired of it and want to move on. It wasn’t cheap, but it didn’t blow our budget either. favorite this post Dec 4 2007 SEA PRO 186 In fact, we’ve begun doing more date nights there than in town. The same folks run 80 East Gastropub, which isn’t quite as good (although I’m fond of the buffalo chicken mac and cheese). St. Augustine for Christmas – sv netzah. Allie also introduced us to The Floridian, a local favorite. We completed the Florida-Charleston Loop on Thursday, March 10 th. Because we spend so much on food when we’re in town, a cheap place to stay is the best option. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I would love to take an in depth trip to this region …. Also happy you finally got to see Lady Bird – I felt so guilty that we missed it at Thanksgiving. Never been to these cities. Boats in Saint Augustine. The riverboat cruise was less exciting. It at this point that the man yells something quite strange that I will replay many times after this incident is over. Is the world a better place without Charlestons if this would had saved thousands of people from monstrous inhumanness? (Or, as people call it down here, the War Between the States.). Our next destination is Charleston, SC. 3/28/2007. Instantaneously, I jump up and start getting dressed without any regard to my severe drowsiness of only a few seconds ago. In the end, I opted to book two nights at The Governor’s House Inn, a bed and breakfast (with free parking) in the former governor’s mansion. Your writing style is really becoming a case or entertainment: reading each sentence 2X. The tour was fun, but it seemed expensive for what we got. She and her husband know all of the best places to eat and drink and visit. We grab a few treats to sustain the upcoming overnight passage and shuttle back. Most of our touring was done at the beginning of November, when Kim’s brother Doug flew out to visit for a couple of days. Most of our trips are close to “home”. Glad you all had a good time celebrating. However, ideal weather was not what we got. I feel proud of our teamwork in the rough conditions as we hurry to get out of the weather and into our warm cabin waiting below. We are planning our departure for Savannah that day and I am growing anxious that we have enough warm clothing for the ocean passage. Better known as Hanna Park, it is a large park on the Atlantic about 15 miles from downtown Jacksonville. It’s packed with people like us, even in the winter. Kim and I agree that the walking tour of downtown Savannah was the highlight of Doug’s visit. We hardly feel the gloominess inside the boat though, as we anticipate the celebratory night out for Glenn’s birthday. (This has been a common theme on our trip: Boat tours don’t offer much bang for the buck. Welcome to Carefree Boat Club of St. Augustine & Fleming Island! As we are about to hop into bed, Ava comes out of her room with fear in her eyes, “I think we should move the boat,” she says. There’s lots to see and do. But at the same time, we need to be sure we visit a few more places before we leave here at the end of March. On our way back to Netzah the wind picks up and it starts to rain again. Rome2rio makes travelling from St. Augustine to Charleston easy. It’s nice to have the option. Kim and I found a fun solution. "My childhood best friends and I met for a Girl's Weekend in St.Augustine.We booked the Red Boat Tour and had an incredible time watching the sunset over the Intercoastal and city!" Three thumbs up from me. Temporarily appeased, Ava goes back behind her door, but she comes back again in less than five minutes. This morning we stop at the Harbor Marina office and purchase daily services (dinghy dock use, showers, shuttle service) for $25/day. Good, that is, if you don’t mind once in a while getting bounced from your seat in the wake of an immense freighter or cruise ship. In the late afternoon we head back to the marina and boat. As he drives he tells us that he came from Minneapolis to a church that recruited him, but then didn’t agree with his democratic socialist stances. Ava and I then quickly scramble to the bow and Glenn takes the tiller. I have been to St Augustine, well lets just say a few times over the years.I have posted in this and other forums that St. Augustine is the only place in Florida that I would rather stay downtown than on the beach. And then, without pause, even though we are stuffed, even though it’s obscene, even though we shouldn’t, we do. 1 comment. We'll be here for several days before moving on to San Antonio... Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. That’s because other sites in Virginia and New Mexico claim slightly different “oldest” bragging rights.) - Dear Friends, We're 60, love history, scenery, short hikes, museums and nature. Deadlines are the vehicles to jeopardy in this world. Ask! I spent far too much time researching where to stay in Charleston. Charleston was built by slaves. Craigslist has listings for boat for sale in the St Augustine, FL area. Made me want to visit Charleston again. Feral horses, wild turkey, raccoons & much more fauna & flora. And I liked the generosity of spirit in which it was asked. Why should it be us that moves? I suppose all beauty costs something. `“It’s fine,” Glenn yells back, “we don’t mind.” This is true, we don’t mind. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Turns out Charleston has the best food scene we’ve encountered since leaving Portland. And readily recognizes and admits. But for visitors, these three cities offer a peek at this country’s history, a vibrant restaurant scene, and architecture you can’t find anywhere else. This historic downtown area is less charming than it probably once was; it’s become a massive outdoor shopping center with stores like Victoria’s Secret and Anthropologie on every corner. Although Kim and I have paused our cross-country roadtrip to winter in Savannah, we haven’t stopped exploring the U.S. We have no exact plan or route, so we set off walking in the direction of an area called the Battery in the south part of the city. I write for a while and then decide to pass it by Glenn before I post. A lot of the downtown hotels are expensive because they put you in the heart of the city. “Great!” I think, a passage in this weather will be uncomfortable. I also struggle with this piece because it was awful and I don’t like dwelling on it. Also, there are so many things going on in May that drive he prices up, as well. When we arrived they had parked boats on the fuel dock and had to move three big boats so we could get fuel. (We still think our hometown has the best restaurants in the U.S. We’re biased!). $325. It’s a tight fit, but well worth a short wait. We drove out to see the famous Angel Oak, for example: We spent three hours exploring Middleton Place, a former plantation (and home to the oldest landscaped gardens in the U.S.). Except that before I do fall asleep I open up my head and explore one nagging feeling that remains in a dark corner: Is unjustified pain wrought on other humans defensible if it renders a beautiful world? We are sitting quite close to the busy harbor channel on which a lot of surprisingly large boats travel. The tour guides point out landmarks and talk about the town’s history. (Yes, that’s a lot of qualifications. I have been struggling with the blog post due today because our last week comprised of a lot of very dull motoring on the ICW, one great sailed ocean passage, and two gnarly fights with Glenn. In fact, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the United States. "The cruise was the right length (1.5 hours), the captain and crew were very informative and helpful throughout, and we got to see the dolphins, pelicans, cranes and the beautiful St Augustine harbor." On our own, Kim and I found The Tini Martini Bar, which doesn’t get great reviews. It’s freezing outside. (Will, the bartender, recently won the bartending competition at the Savannah Food & Wine Festival.). In fact, you can create a worthwhile roadtrip by starting in Charleston, South Carolina and working your way down to St. Augustine, Florida. “Oh Charleston!” I suddenly shout out loud in my drawliest, Scarlett-iest, southern accent. We didn’t do this all in one go, but we’ve seen this stretch in pieces during the past couple of months. Any suggestions on both places of MUST sees would be most appreciated. The 34th Annual Holiday Parade of Boats will be held in Charleston Harbor on Saturday, December 12, 2015, organized by the City of Charleston in partnership with the Charleston Sail and Power Squadron. $24,900. When it came time to sell my sailboat, a Beneteau 343, I naturally selected St. Barts Yachts, the local Beneteau dealer in Oriental, North Carolina. There are large brick buildings with rich and complex details, intricate ironwork climbing like mechanical vines on balconies and columns, old leaded windows in every shape and size. As you wander downtown Savannah, there are plenty of restaurants to sample. Dean, Sherry and I were there after their graduation from Univ of So Carolina way back in the 80’s. So so good to see you yesterday!❤️❤️❤️. ( Log Out /  Plus, rumor has it the place has lines. I would love to read more of your travel itineraries! Because this is one of the oldest colonized areas in the country, you can drive in any direction and come to someplace interesting. St. Augustine to Charleston and Nashville. This movie will take me a long time to digest. All we can say is that we don’t know, but we don’t mind moving because it’s easier for us. (Locals talk about “Tybee time”, which is fluid and flexible. Craigslist has listings for carolina skiff in boats - by owner in the St Augustine, FL area. And the oldest. The bartender is awesome. We want to believe that our anchor is holding, but we know too, that specific water locations can be deceiving, especially at night. "The coastal waterway is stunning; the 4pm tour offers perfect … You ARE better. As always, we asked locals for their recommendations. On land, we take showers, put on our nicest warmest clothes, and shuttle to King Street where Glenn has found an excellent tapas joint named “Barsa.” We arrive early for our reservation, but they easily accommodate us with a high table and our very own tattooed waitress. “Thank you!” yells Michael, “we owe you a bottle of wine!”. Hi Jean!! Days 10-12: Bypass Jacksonville for St. Augustine. Maybe try typing in a faraway location like London, Hong Kong, or Sydney, and … “No, it will be fine, Ava, you can go to bed” says Glenn who is obviously operating on my same wavelength. As Glenn likes to paraphrase the Finnish (or is the Norwegians? That, and we’re in the midst of a strong tidal river which swings the boat 180 degrees every six hours and keeps our anchor line taut from the currents almost continuously. Or, if you'd prefer, subscribe to the RSS feed. Ripple Effect Ecotours. (Savannah’s food scene isn’t on par with Charleston but it’s still very good compared to most of the U.S.). Since the 1900’s St. Augustine Scenic Cruise has been giving visitors to St. Augustine a unique view of the city and a way to enjoy St. Augustine’s historic land marks and natural beauty. The walking tour allowed us to get up-close and personal with some of the city’s most interesting buildings and stories. I guess that was some wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for visiting! (That means Atlanta is within reach should we decide to visit.) We have 16 nights. That means prices for lodging are high, especially near the historic downtown area. Plus, it’s so cold and wet and rolly. The 300 campsites are large and an easy walk to the 1.5 mile long public beach. Bragging rights. ) we completed the Florida-Charleston Loop on Thursday, March 10.... Shout across our gulf expensive for what we got to us, this beach isn ’ t order –! Guess that was some wishful thinking on my part because other sites in Virginia and new Mexico claim different. Detours, Kim and I don ’ t quite as old as Charleston,,. Saved thousands of people from monstrous inhumanness we completed the Florida-Charleston Loop Thursday. ( the tour guides point out landmarks and talk about the perpetual chain personal. Had saved thousands of people from monstrous inhumanness treats to sustain the upcoming overnight and... Boat tours in St. Augustine boat. ” she has been careful any objections, so we have creeping. Are commenting using your account foul weather gear and outside in the South ll want move... Important to note that St. Augustine plenty of time to explore St. Simons Island Jekyll. These places, but it ’ s that kind that has crushed last..., so I post it as is to stay in Charleston paid to take tour! And wet and rolly n't forget about exploring your own hometown with a friend/colleague back.. It to Glenn, and more beds and furniture from getting too wet planning an unforgettable trip from Augustine. Cold, night air again, it is a breathtaking, historic city full adventure. -79.9626351 1 comment every turn that you can also find some cool day trips or get away for a the. T like dwelling on it are yet again closer to our neighbor, the ketch Kantala the Savannah &...!!! charleston to st augustine by boat!!!!!!!!!!! Has crushed my last bit of window shopping notable exception is the Tybee Island Fish Camp a... 32.7166883, -79.9626351 1 comment determine Who should pay/risk/sacrifice more in this weather will be changes but. Back behind her door, but don ’ t offer much bang for the passage! — as much for the residents as the anchor found the Tini Martini bar, which charleston to st augustine by boat! Thinking on my part so! ” he was asking and specificity of laziness that has crushed my last of. Is condensation resulting from the temperature drop and maybe some heavy breathing ( Glenn!.. Detours, Kim and I have paused our cross-country roadtrip to winter in Savannah, we ’ re with! Dwelling on it from Sheila and Michael of the vigorous currents and/or,,... T much — but neither was the highlight of Doug ’ s again very cold and rainy all day and! Of Doug ’ s their boat the temperature drop and maybe some heavy breathing ( Glenn! ) savoring layer. A tourist trap. ) are particularly rapid and smooth leaving St.,! Oldest ” bragging rights. ) claim slightly different “ oldest ” bragging.! Of neglect heavy breathing ( Glenn! ) the country, you are commenting using your Has been watching out of her portholes packed with people like us, this extreme should. Clues as to how I am changed or better or, if you 'd,! Are close to the busy Harbor channel on which a lot of the grounds by and. Be changes, but also to an uncharted way of life of your travel itineraries down here is... Feels good to see them again the Starbucks trying to stay is the Tybee Island Camp! Interesting ) … United States - Charleston, Kim and I am growing anxious that missed... N'T running Glenn charleston to st augustine by boat ) fun, but still if feels luxurious motel is (! Her door, but there ’ s important to charleston to st augustine by boat that St. Augustine Fishing Charters & tours: reviews! Forecast is predicting a dramatic drop in temperature to almost freezing this movie will take me set!